Capturing Chaos — Morocco, 2018

The Medina appears as a visual cacophony made up of a multitude of whites and constantly changing shapes. Rather than producing literal and accurate depictions through painting, the collages I’ve made are lighthearted interpretations aiming to capture the fleeting sense of luminous, architectonic vitality. Using fragments of paint chips has been a fun and challenging exercise — like a puzzle or a game with a continually evolving set of rules.

The figures I’ve represented here connect to much of the work I’ve done in the past, showing a figure or two in a domestic environment. Using the literary character of Scheherazade as a starting point, and with the aid of local Moroccan women as models, I’ve begun a series of images depicting seemingly intimate views into private interior spaces. The recurring shapes of windows and doors remind us of the exterior and public world lying just steps away and contrasting in light, noise, and activity.

Flying Medina
paint, paper, paint chips
7 inches x 17 inches
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